Appearance Jeblok, Zidane Asks Real Madrid To Cast This Player

Appearance Jeblok, Zidane Asks Real Madrid To Cast This Player

Zinedine Zidane is rumored to have urged Real Madrid leaders to start preparing an offer to Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal next year. Zidane wants this step after seeing his team debut at the start of the La Liga season badly.

Real Madrid have eight points. They failed to win any of their three home games.

Sanchez is currently eyeing Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Manchester City after ensuring that he does not intend to sign a new contract at the Emirates Stadium. This condition makes his status free transfer next summer.

PSG is currently in a leading position to get the Chilean international. They are ready to offer it over 275,000 pounds sterling per week.

However, Spanish media preach, Real Madrid will make the first step in January. Previously, Los Blancos has postponed his move to get Sanchez due to his status as a Barcelona player, before joining Arsenal in 2014.

Previously, rumors PSG has offered striker Edinson Cavani to Real Madrid following a dispute with Neymar recently. Cavani was involved in a row with the world’s most expensive player in PSG’s 2-0 victory over Olympique Lyon.

During the game, the two had time to debate who should take a penalty. In the end Cavani became the executioner even though his shot failed to produce a goal.

The tension on the pitch continues in the locker room. They did not greet each other in the locker room. Neymar even reportedly demanded the management of PSG to sell Cavani as soon as possible.

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