Face Persija, Semen Padang Without Marcel Sacramento

Face Persija, Semen Padang Without Marcel Sacramento

Coach Semen Padang chose not to bring Marcel Silva Sacramento when faced with Persija Jakarta in League 1 continued action on Sunday (10/22/2017) at the Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium in Bekasi A55bet.com. Syafrianto Rusli reasoned, Marcel game is not optimal in some games lately.

In fact, the previous year, Marcel became the mainstay as the top scorer for Kabau Sirah this team, which is 21 goals. While in this season, he just contributed five goals.

“Marcel, we are less concentrated, proved his performance is not maximal in some games, maybe he has a personal problem, rather than a problem for the team, it is better not to play,” said Syafrianto, Saturday (21/10/2017).

In previous matches, while dealing with Mitra Kukar, Delvi Adri’s interim coach also did not include Marcel for similar reasons.

In addition to Marcel, another player who is also not brought Semen Padang is Ko Jae Sung. He injured his thighs so he could not play.

In this fight, the former West Sumatra soccer coach admits that he can not do much for this team of West Sumatra pride. As a new coach, he can only motivate, can not improve techniques and strategies because of time is limited.

“When a team slumps like this, players must show the nature of professionalism, they must be more responsible,” he said.

In this inaugural match, Syafrianto confronted the position of Semen Padang which is in the abyss of degradation. While the opponent is ranked sixth with 49 points.

“Persija is a good team and has a good game collectivity,” he added.

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