Operator Tips for Second Round of League 1 More Interesting

Operator Tips for Second Round of League 1 More Interesting

The operator of League 1 2017 competition, PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB), held a meeting with the managers of 18 participating clubs at Hotel Mulia, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Thursday (3/8/2017).

During the meeting, several discussions were discussed together from 19.30 to 22.45 WIB.

Director of PT LIB, Berlinton Siahaan, said there are some records from his side related to the evaluation in the first round submitted to 18 clubs League 1.

The shortcomings in the first round will soon be fixed for the second round is more interesting.

An interesting discussion that took place in the event was about foreign referees and new players for the second round.

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“There are some things we need to improve to be an exciting spectacle like the use of foreign referees,” said Berlinton.

“As there are some problems like the use of foreign players they can play in the second round as long as they can have Kitas,” he said.

Berlinton admitted, in the first round, many protests came to PT LIB.

It recognizes it and tries as much as possible to make improvements in the second round.

“We have to go together, we do not have to worry about the unrest, we have to believe it is very interesting because the standings are very thin,” said Berlinton.

“The most criticized is the refereeing leadership, we’ve had a break with foreign referees and we have to make the second round more excited,” he said.

The second round of League 1 2017 will start on Friday (4/8/2017) with the match Madura United against Persela Lamongan at the Stadium Pamekasan, Madura, at 15:00 pm.

Furthermore, the second match was held between Bhayangkara FC against Arema FC at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, West Java, at 18:30 pm.

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