Peter Schmeichel Give Mignolet Praise

Peter Schmeichel Give Mignolet Praise

Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel described Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet as having excellent potential under the crossbar.

Since being brought in from Sunderland four years ago, he was judged to be a breath of fresh air for the Merseyside club.

However, the players actually often get sharp criticism from the circles because of his appearance is considered unsatisfactory which often do blunders.

With that record then since Jurgen Klopp in the show the Reds men from Germany that immediately brought Loris Karius from Mainz and the coach hinted will continue to use his services. But Mignolet’s poor performances of Loris could impress the 50-year-old tactician last season and pulled Liverpool’s success this summer into the Champions League thanks to his glossy action.

Despite having good potential, but Peter questioned the decision made by the 29-year-old goalkeeper that he judge is still often inappropriate. Even making a loss for his team as against Leicester City.

“I think he is potentially very good,” Peter Schmeichel told the media.

“He had a really good season, against Leicester but that was the only mistake he made.

“To me Simon’s problem is that his decision-making is sometimes not so good and sometimes I feel he is an insecure goalkeeper and the criticism he faces, where he wants to show everyone that he is a good goalkeeper.

“It seems he’s been a bit calm and Jurgen Klopp has confirmed to him you are my number one, go and play as number one and he is now doing the work he has to do.”

Meanwhile, this summer Mignolet must really appear consistent in every game. The reason if playing badly third goalkeeper like Danny Ward ready to shift it under the crossbar because the quality has been proven where when lending last season managed to help Huddersfield Town promotion to the Premier League.

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