Pique and Ramos are Building a Business

Pique and Ramos are Building a Business

The news of the dispute with Sergio Ramos grew tense, directly on the edge by Gerard Pique who spoke directly at a press conference.

Where, Pique revealed if his relationship with Ramos so far is fine. Even Barca defender said if he was building a business with Ramos.

According to one local media, the business or project that Pique is building with Ramos is named Power to The Players.

And the business will be the same as The Players’ Tribune, a website from America, where sports figures, whether athletes or coaches can write their own articles and be published through the website for many to read.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Ivan Rakitic, Marcelo and several sports stars from the United States once wrote on several websites. And the presence of the website is considered quite useful for athletes various information about their careers.

Even one of the NBA basketball stars, Kobe Bryant has announced his resignation through the website.

And now Pique and Ramos seem to want to launch a similar website based in Europe.

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