Scholes: Mourinho Is A Defensive Coach

Scholes: Mourinho Is A Defensive Coach

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes admits that Jose Mourinho is a defensive coach figure

In the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, MU is known as a brilliant team in attack. Many fans would like to see it again in the Jose Mourinho era, but Scholes feels that MU’s team this season has not been able to display the football fans want.

“They are in a position, where the manager they are bringing in, is only assigned to win the league,” the Englishman told reporters.

“In four years, the club is not in a position to understand how to win the league.”

“We are all certainly happy to see football attack – the waves of ongoing attacks – but right now, I do not feel this team can afford to do that.

“That’s not the way of the manager. He first and foremost, is a defensive coach. He built a method that made the other teams stop playing the ball, and stop winning. He’s doing that. “

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